What Makes Rhythm Games So Successful?

If you ask someone what their favourite rhythm game is, most people have an enthusiastic response. The most common responses are Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero or Rock Band and fans of Japanese pop culture are excited to start talking about the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva games. But everyone who has ever enjoyed a rhythm… Continue reading What Makes Rhythm Games So Successful?


Breaking in Dr Martens – The Myths

This post doesn't exactly fit in with the regular theme of this blog, but this is something I really want to write about and set a few things straight. Having recently been struggling with a very stubborn pair of Dr Martens boots, I have spent some time reading through tips and techniques for breaking in… Continue reading Breaking in Dr Martens – The Myths

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Review: The Elder Scrolls Online Beta

I am a big Skyrim fan. Out of all the games I have ever played, I have probably spent the most total gameplay hours playing Skyrim. It is the kind of game that has immense replay value, I have started new characters multiple times and I'm sure I will create another one in the future.… Continue reading Review: The Elder Scrolls Online Beta


Elder Scrolls Online Beta Gameplay

I was lucky enough to snag an Elder Scrolls Online beta invite this weekend, like many others. I captured some gameplay footage to share with you all. Let me just say, I am not a PC gamer. For one, I write this on a MacBook Pro with Retina display. A powerful beast indeed, but not… Continue reading Elder Scrolls Online Beta Gameplay

Eclectic Reader 2014

Eclectic Reader Challenge – Award Winning

There are so many award winning titles I could have chosen for this category. I began searching for books that had won multiple awards, for the sake of the category. The more I looked, the more I struggled to find something to settle on. In the end, the book I chose was a single award… Continue reading Eclectic Reader Challenge – Award Winning